Mount Merbabu (3,145m) – Summit Trek

Mount Merbabu (3,145m) is a dormant stratovolcano, located on the Java island of Indonesia nearby Jogjakarta.

The name Merbabu is also known as the ‘Mountain of Ash’ from the Javanese combined words; of “Meru” for mountain and “awu or abu“ for “ash”.

Comparatively, there are very few foreigners or Singaporeans who would attempt Mount Merbabu.

However, it is an extremely popular destination for locals due to the numerous camping points and various trek routes. Terrain wise, it is easier than Mount Merapi and there is also an option to camp.

At the top of Mount Merbabu, you will be rewarded with an amazing 360 degree unobstructed view of Mount Merapi as well as the other surrounding mountains in the region. One can see 7 significant peaks: Gunung Sumbing, Gunung Sindoro, the Dieng Plateau, Gunung Telomoyo, Gunung Ungaran, Gunung Merapi, and Gunung Lawu.

The mountains of Sumbing, Sindoro and Silkunir can be seen rising above the clouds. It is an extremely amazing and rewarding view for such a reasonably “short and easy trek”.

Mount Merbabu (3,145m) can be done with little to no experience on the mountains. It is easily accessible from Yogjakarta and usually combined with exploring the cultural city of Yogjakarta. 


Indonesia, 2 hours away from the city of Yogjakarta. There are a few entry points, the nearest being Selo village

Climbing Season

All year round, but try to avoid rainy seasons like December


It is not an active volcano so it is safe. Only extremely severe Mount Merapi activity will affect Mount Merbabu

Why Merbabu?

It is not technically difficult and is suitable for beginners who are willing to walk 6-8h. The view is extremely rewarding. There are also different trails and it is possible to camp

Prior Experience Required :
A lot of willpower

Overnight Hike

The cheapest and fastest option is the overnight trek, with  sunrise at the summit. The trek starts from Selo and ends in Selo. 

Camping Trek

There is nothing like experiencing the outdoors and sleeping under the stars. Our suggested route is to start from Suwanting and end in Selo. You could also do Selo - Selo 2D1N camping trip. 

Overnight Trek

$110 / pax
  • Mountain Guide
  • Entrance Fees/Climbing Permit
  • Return Transport from Yogyakarta
  • Porter
  • Personal Expenses
  • Flights
  • Meals

2D1N Camping

$220 / pax
  • Mountain Guide
  • Entrance Fees/Climbing Permit
  • Transport from Hotel in Yogyakarta and back
  • Porters for Trek Equipment
  • Trek Meals & Water
  • Camping Equipment (Tents, Sleeping bags etc)
  • Personal Porter
  • Personal Expenses
  • Flights

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