Our Beliefs

At Little Monsters Travel, we want our trips to be more than just the seeing of sights or a perfect picture. 

Travel to us is never about what you came to see but in immersing in what you see. 

We believe that travel can be a positive change that goes on deep within you and permanent in the ideas of living.

Our trips revolve around these 3 core pillars as we encourage you to travel deeper. 

Travel with Purpose

“Think adventure is dangerous? 
Try routine, it is lethal” - Paulo Coelho

The various stresses of adult life and routines of everyday life can weigh you down. Holidays often end up becoming a ritual of reassurance or a form of escaping life.  

One of the core tenets is to  travel purposefully for life not to escape us.

We strive to help one find a sense of purpose in their trips. In so doing, we believe it will impart new vigor to the mind, refresh the spirit and grant new perspectives.

Travel to Connect

Travelling is all about establishing and re-establishing connections.

It might be the long lost connection to nature once you’ve hiked through the tropical forest and gazed in awe at the mountains.  It could be the connection to a different culture and tradition. It could also be about the warmth of the homestay family, the smile of your guide or the laughter of the people you are travelling with. 

It could be connecting to your inner-self, understanding yourself better. 

Connections  are essential to living and through our trips, we want you find these connections.

Travel Mindfully

“A traveler without observation 
is a bird without wings”

Our trips are more of a voyage of discovery of both oneself and of others. To do so, one must travel mindfully.

Going on a trip with us is like an investment in yourself. We hope to guide you to to delve deeper in what it means to be you and how you can grow as a person.

To achieve that, one needs interaction with other cultures and perspectives. It is important to be more sensitive to new situations and different beliefs. Understanding others help us in our journey to understand ourselves better.