About Us

The Story

It started off as a personal gripe with travel. 

I love travelling, especially how accessible it has become and different joy and experiences one can gain from it. However in recent years, I felt that something was amiss in the way people travelled as well as in the travel itineraries provided. I began to question why I had such a feeling, a nagging unhappiness within.  

Travel had started to feel like a commodity as though it was something one could buy off the shelf or a fancy new product to show off to people. It started becoming more about the form rather than substance, about giving your best “Instagram picture” than about actual experience itself; the people, culture, history or individual growth.  

Most travel itineraries provided seemed identical, almost cut and paste as though manufactured out of a factory.  It was hard to find itineraries that satisfied my desires or various interests and I ended up “DIY” most of the time. Most travel agencies were focused on profit rather than the experience. 

The true essence and value of travel was slowly getting eroded and lost.   

I asked myself, rather than whining about it, why not do something about it. 

This is how Little Monsters Travel started.

You can read more about what we stand for and the change we are trying to create by checking out our beliefs and commitment.

Why Little Monsters?

Why this name? It was just on a whim.

Little Monsters represent the cravings and desires we have within us.

It could be a food craving, a craving for adventure or nature, or even cravings for literature or films.  These Little Monsters gnaw at our souls if they are not fed. 

So find your little monster, join us on our trips to feed them! 

Gan Chong Zhi

Owner/Trip Leader/Guide

Travelling has taught me many lessons. My faith in humanity has been restored by the countless generous souls that helped me while backpacking, hitchiking and couchsurfing. I try to pay it back when I can.

Despite having been raised in a beautiful city all my life (Singapore), I am drawn to the mountains. I believe there is so much to learn from hiking and trekking. I feel most at peace and in my natural element when I am out there. 

I get annoyed at travel blogs that only show the good stuff so I do publish my own DIY travel blog (www.yonderingsoles.com) for those who won’t use travel agencies. Ironic isn’t it? 

I can also be found on couchsurfing.

If I so happen not to be researching for my trips, hiking or organizing trips, or doing anything travel related, I would most likely be trying to find good food,  reading books or watching movies.